About Mareli Academy

For the first time in History there is a course in estetic injection with Hyaluronic acid, 20170087 estetiska injectioner, grundkurs fillers, a part of our offers which LIPUS has examined and approved. “LIPUS is a non-profit, independent, subsidiary company owned by the Swedish Medical Association. The institute contributes to a high standard of education within the healthcare sector to ensure supply the appropriate skills necessary for patient safety and high-quality healthcare. Our core values are quality, transparency, professionalism and long-term commitment.”


We are very proud to be an independent player in the market. Here is the quality and knowledge in focus, not marketing of any brand. By going through a course at Mareli Academy you will meet teachers with high expiriance and knowledge in the industry.

All training materials and practical exercises are adapted to the realities and not to sell a specific brand. After our training, you will feel safe to working with the famous brands available in the market. This allows you to offer a different service to your patients, without compromising on quality.

The demands are higher, and the training is longer, Why?

We do not want to be like everyone else. We do not believe that a student meets the requirements that are in line with responsibility, professionalism and a patient Safety after attending a course of a few hours. As one of the leading companies in Europe, we believe that we must take our responsibility in the market for a safer and better beauty industry.

Therefore, we choose to only educate medically people such as doctor, dentist or nurse.

Our training stretches over 2 weeks with obligatory 2-day internship at an approved clinic.

You will get a solid education of injection technology with full backup. By choosing Mareli Academy as your school you also choose to stand for a safer beauty industry where quality, experience and knowledge are in focus.

After completing the program, you will have Mareli Medical behind you all the way. We will guide you through the jungle of all brands. We help you to build your brand, marketing, public relations and branding. Having a stable and secure retailer in the back creates security for you and your patients.

Find out more information about the academy on www.mareliacademy.com